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Welcome to the online Home of PLANET DRUM FUN !! 920~203~4372

Drums / Cymbals / Sticks / Education/Inspiration/Bliss.

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What JUST DRUMS inc. PLANET DRUM FUN offer the aspiring drummer! 1. DVD's, Play Alongs, Books and CD's all designed for the beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer! 2. Students will learn the art of drumming on my personal kit w/ pads on the drums and cymbals, it'll make you work alittle harder...but when you go back to a kit w/ 0 pads, LOOK OUT;) Mission Statement: PLANET DRUM FUN's mission is to bring key ingredients of being a COMPLETE DRUMMER in Rock,Funk,R&B,Jazz,Fusion,Country, and my personal favorite: World Beat !! Planet Drum Fun will 'improve your groove' as well as forward ~MUSIC~ART-CULTURE~

These books will make you the BEST Drummer YOU can be !!

Planet Drum FUN!! Will "Improve Your Groove"
Manu' Katche' Hip Gig w/pads !!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WELCOME! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your Humble Provider of Drum Wisdom & Groove

DRUMS: DW / Pacific 5 1/2 x 14 snare   Yamaha Manu' Katche' Hip Gig Kit
CYMBALS: Sabian: B8Pro Hats, AAX Dark Crash, B8 Splash, Raw Bell AAX Dry Ride
STICKS: Vic Firth
+ Brushes,Rute,Tala Wands
and Mallets

PEDALS: Pacific / Tama
HARDWARE: Mapex / Pacific / Tama
THRONE: Roc n' Soc

Fee(s) 1  1/2 hour lesson = $15.00
       I will take $5 off my fee for folks who are coming
       in from outside the Oshkosh area.
       1  1 hour lesson = $28.00

       Students also have the option to pay
       by the lesson, or, and I prefer this,
       to pay 1 month in advance.

       1/2 hour lessons are for 8 to 17 year olds
         1 hour lessons are for adults 18 and over.

       THANK YOU.